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Snoop Dogg - Tekno Euro Mixx (Deep House)

Snoop Dogg – Tekno Euro Mixx (Deep House)

Well, this one is certainly a surprise. Snoop Dogg on the decks — playing deep house — and it’s good. One more on our side. It’s certainly not the most technically-sound mix, but the track selection is on point. Totally my style. Enjoy.
Rihanna - We Found Love (Gabriell 90's Remix)

Rihanna – We Found Love (Gabriell 90′s Remix)

We Found Love is the first of Rihanna's songs I've actually enjoyed - mostly due to the genius of Calvin Harris - and Gabriell just made it better. His rendition has all of the piano stabs, hand claps, and warm strings that any raver could ask for.
Nemo Achida - Stoop Music

Nemo Achida – Stoop Music

I would say that Nemo Achida is back at it, but to be honest, the kid never stops. His latest single, Stoop Music, is a taste of hip hop homage wrapped up in a fresh package. The single recently premiered on New York’s Hot 97, which to anyone who has any interest in hip hop,...
Treestain - Gaff Taped Fate (B. L'amour's 28 Grams Remix)

Treestain – Gaff Taped Fate (B. L’amour’s 28 Grams Remix)

Treestain aka Tristin Morin is a long time friend of mine. We’ve played in numerous groups together over the years, and when he asked me to remix one of his solo projects, I jumped at the opportunity. He truly is a genius, and certainly one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met – and...
Mighty Mouse - November 2011 Mixtape & Ice Beer Download

Mighty Mouse – November 2011 Mixtape & Ice Beer Download

Mighty Mouse started releasing monthly mixtapes again back in September and I’m now jumping on the bandwagon, following the free release of Ice Beer that popped up in my Soundcloud feed a few days ago. All good stuff here. I’m currently jamming the mixtape at work and it’s doing an excellent job of keeping my...
Bottin Remixes of Kasso and Blood Orange

Bottin Remixes of Kasso and Blood Orange

Getting my week started off right with a few funky remixes from Italian disco master, Bottin. Brilliant!
Brocktologist - Quiescence Error Mix

Brocktologist – Quiescence Error Mix

Often we don’t realize the full potential of our opportunities because of misplaced focus. We error, and allow ourselves to become consumed with the risk, the possibility of failure, and consequently decide that playing it safe is ultimately the best path. We remain idle, overlooking possibility, and because of this, failure becomes inevitable. If we...
Amtrac - Came Along

Amtrac – Came Along

The first time I saw Amtrac perform was in a small dingy venue in our hometown of Lexington, Kentucky. Now he’s becoming a household name across the country, with music videos featured on MTV and huge club nights in Miami Beach. Came Along is the catalyst behind what will probably end up an explosion of...
Calembour - Still Believe In Romance

Calembour – Still Believe In Romance

It’s been awhile since I’ve been romanced by some straight up good party disco. Calembour to the rescue. I’ve heard plenty of stellar releases lately, but nothing has stirred up my desire to dance like a straight fool and stage dive quite like this one. This song is so good I don’t know what to...
Brocktologist - Live At Devassa 03/06/2010

Brocktologist – Live At Devassa 03/06/2010

This mix shuffled its way into my iTunes this morning, so I figured I’d share. Live at Devassa is an hour-long live mix of funky Latin house music, and happens one of my favorite sets I’ve ever played. As I listen, I can remember all the sweaty bodies packed into that club like sardines dancing...
Louis La Roche - Scenery Mixtape Part 3

Louis La Roche – Scenery Mixtape Part 3

As promised, here is the third installment that completes Louis La Roche's Scenery Mixtape trilogy.
Amtrac Summer 2011 Mix

Amtrac Summer 2011 Mix

You’re talking about one of the most underrated producers in the world right now! The comment above was the first thing I read when checking out this mix. I’m as happy to hear people speak about my friends in such a positive manner as I am to share this new piece of awesome with all...