There are times when a Facebook post from a friend is more than just words; sometimes it’s a gift. This is one of those “sometimes”. There is nothing better than arriving at your office early in the morning, and NOT needing to head directly to the coffee maker because someone has shared with you such a beautiful tune. It’s amazing how music can change a person’s mood at the drop of a…play button. Call it my new caffeine.

New Life is an awesome tune. It’s fun, danceable, sexy, and for those of you who respond to music as I do, ethereal. I’m willing to say I feel a similar way about this tune initially as I did when I first heard Aeroplane’s remix of Paris years back; synth stab stab stab. Jeremy Glenn is a genius for this one, and I expect to wear this record out as the summer continues to get hotter and hotter. Dakota did a smash up job with the video, too. The beach, water, and boating scenes create a stimulating visual that compliments the soothing aura of the music. And since I recently moved to the beach to begin a new life with my very special someone, this all hits right at home.

Our friends at Future Classic in Sydney, Australia have released the single for free download. The entire “New Life” EP is out now on vinyl, and is to be released digitally in late June! Grab a copy and show your support!

Jeremy Glenn – New Life by future classic